Construction of Capire Production Centre

Capire-Mamatla District

Exploration and Development Activities at the Capire Mine

Part 1: Beginning Construction of the Transmission Line and Clearing the Plant Site

Part 2: Building the Power Line, Contouring the Plant and Office Site, and Completing the Wells for Water Supply

Part 3: Completed trunk lines connecting mine site to the town of Ixcapuzalco, completed staff substation, laboratory and offices

Part 4: Development of the area for the 200-tpd Capire Pilot Processing Plant

Part 5: Begin stripping the pit, opening access points to different parts of the pit and first aid training for staff

Part 6: Views of the development of the Capire Project in the Capire-Mamatla Mineral District

Part 7: Processing Plant foundation, concentrate holder installation and pre-stripping of the open-pit Capire Mine

Part 8: Views of the Processing Plant Site at the Capire Mine

Part 9: The installed ball mill and IMPACT team at the Capire mine

Part 10: Construction of the 200-tpd processing plant at the Capire Mine

Part 11: Construction of the 200-tpd pilot plant continues at Capire

Part 12: Construction is nearing completion at the Capire Mine and Processing Centre

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