• IMPACT's exploration of the Royal Mines of Zacualpan Silver District continues its success story. Since 2006, IMPACT's team has explored and placed eight mines into production - Veta Negra Open Pit Mine (currently in operation), Cuchara Silver Mine (currently in operation), San Ramon Deeps Silver Mine (currently in operation), Mirasol Silver Mine (operated 2014-2017), Carlos Pacheco Gold-Copper Mine (on care and maintenance), Chivo Silver Mine (operated 2007-2012), the Noche Buena Silver Mine (operated 2010-2014) and the Capire VMS open pit mine (on care and maintenance). Drilling on targets generated by detailed field work, including sampling and mapping of old mine workings and trenching areas of mineralization, all compiled into an extensive Geographic Information System ("GIS") computer database, is the cornerstone of IMPACT's systematic and successful approach to mineral exploration.

  • Geographic Information System (GIS) Database

    The long and extensive history of mining in the Royal Mines of Zacualpan Silver District demonstrates the large potential for finding additional mineralization. The driver for translating this potential into drill targets has been IMPACT's state-of-the-art computerized GIS database, which IMPACT's exploration team constructed over many years. One of the core features of this database is the location and documentation of old mine and exploration workings, which represent almost 500 years of mining history for the Zacualpan and Capire-Mamatla mining districts. To date over 5,000 old workings have been documented.

    The importance of finding these old mine workings is that many represent places of past production where high silver grades are often encountered but only mined to shallow depths. IMPACT's exploration team has now geologically mapped and sampled in detail many of these old workings. This data, coupled with other work by IMPACT's exploration department, is used to locate and prioritize areas for future drilling.

  • History of The Royal Mines of Zacualpan Silver District

    The Royal Mines of Zacualpan Silver District is one of the oldest mining districts in the Americas, with mining activities dating back to at least 1527. In 1531, it was the first mining district in the Americas to be given the title 'Royal Mines' of Zacualpan, by proclamation under the Spanish Crown. To date, IMPACT personnel have catalogued over 5,000 old mine workings in the district, evidence of a long and extensive mining history, as well as significant future potential.

    Numerous veins in the Zacualpan District have seen historic production but statistics from the early centuries of production are sporadic. In modern times, recorded silver production between 1975 and 2019 was over 26 million ounces silver.

    The Zacualpan Silver District is host to an excellent mining environment, with a modern electric grid, abundant water supplies, paved highway access that runs through the middle of the district, and an experienced and skilled Mexican work force.

  • Exploration Plans

    Plans are to continue exploration with a goal of putting some of the other 5.000+ compiled old mine workings in the Zacualpan and Capire Districts on a faster track to potential production and build mineral inventories for mining. Field work is currently focussed on defining drill targets close to production facilities which can be placed into production quickly.

    With a track record of successful exploration, rapid mine development and more than 5,000 old mine workings identified to date, the Company's long term vision sees potential for establishment of multiple production centres throughout the two districts each fed by multiple mines. Construction of the Capire Mine and adjacent pilot plant was the first step in achieving this vision. With organic growth plans in motion, the Company is also investigating accretive acquisition opportunities.

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